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Old Nazareth

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Virtual Tour at the Annunciation Church In 3D
Annunciation Church in 3D
Nazareth, old Town, and the Churches

See the Annunciation in a different way.. in New 3D style, where you can have a Virtual Tour Enjoying the Beauty and the Art of the Church.


Special 3D Movie of the Annunciation Church in close View.


General Video of Nazareth and the Churches.

International Center " Mary of Nazareth"
Pope Benedict XVI Center
Mary's Well Square
International Center " Mary of Nazareth"     Pope Benedict XVI Center   Spring Square      

Mary leads us to Jesus. In Nazareth this holy land it all began, it is the city of the Annunciation and the home of the holy family. The Center built by Volunteer of almost 25000 French more


This celebration was held due to the generous donation made by the citizens of southern Germany, where the following Alcardial Vetere, the Archbishop of Munich, accompanied by six of bishops appointed in more


On - traditionally used to Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus, come downand get water in this region. Some believe that this Jesus washedup and the diapers and even Jesus himself would go down a sortto bring water to his mother more 


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